Committee of Youths on Mobilization and Sensitization (CYMS) is an organization centered around evaluation, monitoring and the mobilization of youths, with a mandate to promote peace, unity and drive youthful inclusion with the view of sensitizing Nigerian youths on the policies and programs of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Amongst our responsibility; 'building tomorrow's leaders today' by inspiring and educating young people in a bid to build their capacity, leadership and responsibility skills. Therefore the establishment of the organization was borne out of the gap currently experienced by the youths in the socio-political and economic arena in Nigeria and by extension diaspora, which made CYMS took up the responsibility to ensure that every nooks and crannies of the country especially at the grassroots level is appropriately involved and enlightened on every national and international activities of Nigerians and Government via direct communication channels (Media or Direct Engagements).

    CYMS’s key activities: `
  • Evaluation, monitoring, and mobilization
  • Promoting the policies and programs of the Federal government of Nigeria
  • Promoting peaceful coexistence and good governance
  • Driving youth’s inclusion in policy formulation
  • Facilitation of empowerments to reduce restiveness and to ensure self-reliance
  • Integration of notable groups to support and key into government policies and programs