CYMS In a Brief

The Commitee of Youths on Mobilization and Sensitization (CYMS) comprises of vibrant, energetic and committed youths drawn from various civil society groups, youth and student organizations, who are erudite on government activities to promote unity and ensure proper grassroot mobilization of young people on government policies and programs with 95% of its members and officials Nigerians with their permanent voters card (PVC) as a major yardstick and criteria for consideration.

CYMS has a very good working relationship with all security agencies in Nigeria and domiciled under the Presidency Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The organization is constituted of a deep structure from ward level, Local Government Area, States and up to its National level, apart from other affiliate groups and partners, which has a total collective strength of over 36 million youths as at January 2018.

Nigeria is the largest populated country in Africa and the second largest economy by GDP after South Africa in Sub-Sahara Africa, with a polulation estmated to be over 202 million people in 2020, and youths under the ages of 18-36 accounting for 65% of this population. Therefore the establishment of the organization was borne out of the gap currently experienced by the youths in socio-political and economic areas in Nigeria and the diaspora in extension. This and many other reasons made CYMS take up the responsibility to ensure that many and all YOUTHS at all levels are actively involved and enlightened on every national and internal activites of Nigeria government via direct and indirect communication channels.